Gayle Barklie CCHT, PLR, LBL, MFC

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Gayle Barklie CCHT, PLR, LBL, MFC
Soul Purpose
The Hypno Center
Kula, HI 96790
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Spirit Based Hypnotherapy with Gayle Barklie

We all have blocks that keep us from having our highest good in our life, be it in our personal life or our professional work, within our selves or our relationship. Through hypnotherapy we can go in and work directly with the subconscious mind to shift, change, and heal whatever is no longer serving us. Gayle Barklie CCHT, PLR, LBL, MFC can help you manifest your soul's true purpose.

With over 23 years of psychotherapy experience in the field of Mental Health, Gayle has come to appreciate hypnosis in her practice realizing that one of the greatest benefits of hypnotherapy is how much time is reduced in reaching results. By going directly to the source where the beliefs are created and stored, the work of healing can take place much more rapidly.

Gayle has a Masters Degree in Marriage/Family/Child Counseling and Clinical Art Therapy. She also uses Animal Assisted Therapy.


  • Become smoke free
  • Have more prosperity
  • Achieve your ideal weight
  • Conquer phobias and fears
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Start that new workout plan and stick with it
  • Manifest your Soul's True Purpose

Gayle Barklie

Gayle is a certified Hypnotherapist with 23 years experience as a psychotherapist and over 25 years working in the healing arts. Her formalized training started at Loyola Marymount University where she received her Masters Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling as well as Clinical Art Therapy. Since then she has practiced in California, New Mexico, and Hawaii. Her work includes private practice, independent educational institutions, incarceration facilities, and social services.

Along with therapy, Gayle's passion is art and she approaches most all endeavors in life from this artistic viewpoint. Over the years Gayle has taken her formalized traditional teachings, and internalized and integrated them with her studies in the healing arts. This unique approach creates a perfectly individualized experience for each of her clients. With a great joy in life and learning, she feels every opportunity is a learning opportunity, and this allows her to continually enrich her practice.

Gayle has also been practicing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for the past 11 years. Through her life-long love of animals, she has realized a growing appreciation for the great therapeutic aspect of animals in our lives and her pets have been her therapeutic assistants for many of her clients.

Gayle Barklie, Maui Hypnotherapist