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Kristina Statler
PO Box 1164
Haiku, HI 96708
Kristina Statler, Childbirth Doula

Kristina Statler is an ALACE certified and DONA-trained birth doula, childbirth educator, home birth assistant, lactation counselor, as well as a Positive Birth Movement Facilitator and co-founder and Communications Coordinator for Pacific Birth Collective. Check out what we are doing on Pacific Birth

Kris has been working with birthing families on the island of Maui since 1997 and she has three grown sons of her own, the first born at Maui Memorial Medical center and then two born at home in Haiku. She has attended over 100 births on Maui, both in and out of the hospital.

Kristina Statler has authored two books How to Navigate a Hospital Birth on Maui: A Guide for Families and Birth Doulas (Navigation Series Book 1) and How to Navigate an Out of Hospital Birth on Maui: A Guide for Island Families (Navigation Series Book 2) which are available on Amazon.

Client Feedback:

After a very long labor (24 hours), my husband and I finally felt like it was time to head to the hospital. We wanted to spend the first stage of labor together. It was nice, still, to call Kris once in a while to ask questions and to know that she was prepared to join us when we wanted her to. When Ryan and I were ready for the next step, we called Kris and met her at the hospital. From the moment she greeted us with her great big smile and the light she always radiates, there was added strength, calm and a peaceful excitement.

Her confidence and competence reassured us that all was well. She knew how to guide us and also how to support us. When my body led the way, telling me to squat for example, she was right there encouraging me to do what felt natural. She also had different exercises, positions, and ideas to prepare us for the birth and to use during labor and birth. Kris's presence was just right. She was involved without being too involved. She really helped my husband to be ready for the experience and let him be my main stay during labor. This was great because my husband initially hadn't known much about natural birth. Kris helped educate us both. Ryan said that simply the knowledge and joy around birthing that Kris offered us made him feel much more confident. He said that that in itself was worth having a doula. One more of the many great things Kris did was work very positively with the hospital staff, and they in return acted respectfully back. This was something we had been concerned about, but Kris knew from her experience how to work with them and respect them. Anyway, Ryan, Bono (our baby,) and I all love Kris greatly and we know that she definitely added much to our birthing experience. She helped us to create the birth we wanted and was an ideal support and witness to that special process. - Natalie, Maui, Hawaii

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