Dr James P Urban, DC

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Dr James P Urban, DC
Chiropractic Maui
444 Hana Highway Suite #213
Kahului, Hawaii 96732
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-1pm & 3pm-6pm
Tues & Friday 9am-12noon by appointment
Sat & Sunday Closed
Chiropractic Adjustment: $42
Chiropractic Initial Exam: $50
Dr Urban does not file insurances but will provide you with the proper forms to do it yourself.

Dr James Urban, DC on Haleakala, MauiDr James Urban has been practicing chiropractic for 22 years now and is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa (1991). He grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and practiced there for 16 years. He spent another two years practicing in Boulder, Colorado. He recently moved his practice from the upcountry area of Maui to Kahului. Dr Urban is proficient in the "gonstead" art form of adjusting.

It is through "specific" spinal adjustments that subluxations (vertebral misalignments) can be corrected so that normal movement/positioning and function can help to improve upon the sensitive communication (nervous system function) that is so vital to your body's potential to heal. When the spine is in alignment and the nervous system is functioning properly, your body knows how to heal, regulate, and adapt appropriately to the many external stressors of everyday life.

Dr Urban prefers to work with what is right within you (the intelligence of the body) then to focus on what is wrong with you (your symptoms). As you grow older, you should grow healthier... a realization that is often overlooked given our current medical mainstream's disposition on health!

Dr Urban takes great pride in delivering a "specific" spinal adjustment to his clients. His approach does NOT treat everyone with the same twisting of the neck and lower back from both the right and left and the middle back from top to bottom. This common approach could potentially harm individuals with an inappropriate impact to the joints of the spinal column that can result in "neurological insult."

Instead Dr Urban assesses each of his clients individually and then skillfully performs an appropriate "specific" spinal adjustment with the least amount of force necessary that is carefully delivered to adequately address his client's structural and neurological needs.

Reserve your spot at Dr Urban's 1 hour FREE Chiropractic talk on Tuesday evenings at 6:15pm.