Dr Lena Suhaila, ND

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Dr Lena Suhaila, ND
Well Within
Paia, HI 96779

Well Within is a holistic care clinic with a unique and highly individualized approach to health care. We cater to people with all health conditions and specialize in integrative naturopathic oncology. We have two locations in Paia, Maui and San Francisco, California.

Our clinic provides quality holistic naturopathic care blended with the best of modern conventional medicine. We spend time with our patients in comprehensive visits in order to identify and address the underlying causes of symptoms, and to support healing with natural therapeutics. Because we treat you as a whole person, this approach to medicine is successful for acute and chronic conditions, as well as prevention. We strive to work with you to achieve sustainable health both inside and outside of the body.

With Well Within you can be assured of a high quality of health care that is both dynamic and balanced. We welcome you on your journey to a more optimal level of health and wellness within.