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The Mauimama
Kate Griffiths
PO Box 845
Haiku, HI 96708
The Mauimama Newspaper

The Mauimama is a free conscious community resource guide for expecting mamas and parents with young children. It was created by a Maui mama and has all the information that will make parenting easier on Maui. The Mauimama's mission is to create a solid support network for local mamas so no one should ever feel that they are alone or not know where to go or who to turn to for assistance. All the articles are written by local mamas and experts who share parenting advice and local knowledge.

Printed ads start as little as $25 a month and are organized onto their relevant pages so they are easy to find. Priority is given to locally grown businesses, many of which have never advertised before and always used word of mouth, but now the coconut wireless has landed!

Be sure to pick up your free copy of The Mauimama at any one of these Maui locations.

Sections in The Mauimama

  1. Tao of Motherhood Excerpt
  2. Support Directory
  3. Editorial
  4. Eh Mah!
  5. Parenting
  6. Parenting Classes
  7. Mama's Help Directory
  8. Getting Together
  9. Second Hand Scores
  10. Mama & Baby
  11. Mind, Body, & Soul
  12. Food & Nutrition
  13. Affordable Local Organics
  14. Exercise Directory
  15. Events & Free Activities
  16. Free Keiki Programs & Activities
  17. Keiki Classes Calendar
  18. Local Activities & Classes
  19. Hapai (pregnancy)
  20. Pre Natal Directory
  21. Birthing Directory
  22. New Born
  23. Keiki Development & Behavior
  24. Day Care Directory
  25. Financial Aid Directory
  26. Education & Preschool Directory
  27. Relationships
  28. Relationship & Self Growth Directory
  29. Girls Night Out
  30. Mama Time Directory
  31. Lunar Astrology
  32. Dear Aunty Tina (the midwife)
  33. Legal Corner
  34. Mahalo to the Community Service Sponsors
  35. Classifieds
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