Heather Pyle

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Heather Pyle
The Studio Maui
810 Haiku Rd #265
Haiku, HI 96708
808-344-6406, 808-575-9390
Toll Free:
$15 per class - *First time students to the Studio receive a FREE Class with Hawaii ID

Heather Pyle has an associates degree in massage therapy and has been practicing since 2002. Her focus in the body is what lead her to the path of Yoga.

The connection between the mind and the body has always been her passion. She has spent over five years working with Chiropractors as a Chiropractic Assistant and has a deep understanding of the spine and proper function. Together with her knowledge of the body, connection to healing, and sense of humor, her yoga classes are therapeutic, strong, alignment based, educational, and at times hilarious.

Heather has lived on Maui for over a year to focus on Yoga and to get a deeper understanding of the practice. She believes that the mind is more powerful than the body and when they are both functioning properly, all things are possible.

Heather Pyle at waterfall