Dr Brian Atwell, DVM

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Dr Brian Atwell, DVM
Maui Equine Veterinary Services
500 Omaopio Road
Kula, Hawaii 96790
Also at:
PO Box 880668, Pukalani, Hawaii 96788
Dr Brian Atwell, DVM

Hawaii's Top-Rated Equine Veterinary Facility

Maui Equine Veterinary Services is a full-service equine surgical facility, with the ability and experience to perform any surgical procedure necessary. Our experienced and talented specialist surgeons are well-versed in the latest techniques and procedures, including the kind of surgeries that could previously be performed only on the Mainland.

Brian Atwell, DVM and Clayton Matchett, DVM are our resident surgeons, always available for emergency surgical procedures. We offer the most advanced equine surgery in Hawaii!

Dr Clayton Matchett, DVM

Surgery Facilities

Our surgery is one of Hawaii's most modern and complete, specifically built for horses, to provide efficient and effective equine surgical care.

This excellent facility located in cool Kula, heart of Maui's Upcountry, allows us to provide a wide variety of surgical services previously unavailable in Hawaii.

Top-notch Equine Surgical Services

We perform a wide variety of surgeries and procedures using the latest techniques and equipment. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Top-quality dentistry - from floating over-grown molars and points to re-constructive surgery, we can take care of any problems that arise in your horse's mouth
  • Colic and other abdominal surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery and care - your horse's bones are at once very strong and very fragile - we offer the full range of orthopedic surgery and treatment
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Arthroscopic surgery - minimal impact arthroscopic surgery is the technique of choice for many joint-related problems
  • Inhalation/anesthesia
  • Hospital paddock - our lush recovery paddock is the perfect place to speed your horse's recovery
  • Hospital stall - our modern hospital stall has all the latest technologies
  • Lameness work-ups - access to a round pen with a firm surface allows us to detect the most subtle unsoundnesses
  • Well-trained support staff - excellent surgical/anesthesia techs

Client Feedback:

Dr Brian Atwell saved my horses' lives. My mare became ill the morning after giving birth to her first foal. The baby's life depended on mother, and thankfully he got her healthy as quickly as possible.

Brian was decisive and accurate in determining what was wrong, prioritized treatment, and gave me thorough instructions for after care. I appreciate his affection for horses and his thorough explanations to the horse owner.

He is highly professional in his personal conduct and quality of veterinary care. Maui horse owners are extremely fortunate to have Dr Brian a phone call away.

— Gretchen

Dr Matchett has taken care of my horses for years. He is caring and concerned for their welfare. Over the years there have been accidents and surgeries, I can only hope that other people's vets are as competent as mine is.

— Nancy E Townsend