Dr Danielle Dewey

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Dr Danielle Dewey
At Home Animal Hospital
Dr Danielle Dewey
48 Lono Ave
Kahului, HI 96732

I ended up going here one day when my regular vet was booked for the next 3 days and my cat seemed in need of urgent attention. While I found the premises very pet-friendly, their policy seems to be to force you to pay for numerous tests before they will say anything but "I don't know." The ONLY services included in the $45 visit fee are apparently the taking of weight and temperature. Every single other thing, such as checking the ears for ear mites, is another $20 or $25. I asked specifically for a Convenia injection and was charged $35.63 for 0.3 ml (Central Maui Animal Clinic charged $18.75 for 0.25 ml). I asked specifically for a B complex injection and was told it had been put in the subcutaneous fluids ($25) but when I saw no mention of it on the invoice I called to ask exactly what vitamins had been administered and was told that they don't even have any vitamins there to give. She said she would speak with the vet and call me back. She did not.

As I was very concerned when my cat showed no improvement, and in fact was getting worse, I called again on Sat and the owner, Danielle Dewey, called me and told me the receptionist didn't know what products they carry and that the vet had told her he had injected the B Complex into the fluid bag and "forgot" to list it on the invoice. I commented that only a small portion of the bag of fluid had been administered and the vet had refused when I suggested that I take the bag home and administer the balance later. This would mean my cat received only a fraction of the B Complex. Dr Dewey then told me cats need so little Vitamin B that it wouldn't have mattered and the vet didn't charge for it because it was such a small amount (this from the place that charges for every little thing!). After about 6 minutes Dr Dewey started over-talking me and being very rude & abusive because I wouldn't buy her pat explanations.

The gist of the conversation was that I was very illogical, it was my fault because I refused to pay for the tests, and furthermore I was not welcome ever to return to the At Home Animal Hospital. Then she hung up. This is the treatment I received from the owner!

Perhaps this explains why this was the only animal clinic that wasn't booked for days in advance. I was able to get an appointment within the hour, which greatly pleased me at the time, but afterward I regretted going at all. In retrospect, I wish I had waited for Central Maui Animal Clinic. I would rather have my $110.03 go toward the loving care they offer (and I can trust) than going to pay for the renovations at At Home Animal Hospital. I am very disappointed because I wanted so much to give them a rave review and have another option for pet care, but the vet acted as if my cat had cooties and he didn't want to touch him. He immediately suggested euthanasia, which I am sad to say I am having to consider because I can't bear to see him suffer, it being now 3 days after ineffectual treatment.