Denise LaBarre, LMT

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Denise LaBarre, LMT
Healing Catalyst
60 Puu Koa Place
Haiku, HI 96708
808-575-2244 office, 808-280-3604 cell
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Healing Catalyst, Denise LaBarre has a Private Practice on Maui in Haiku.
A session runs 90 minutes. Please call 808-575-2244 for an appointment.

In chemistry, a catalyst is the agent that causes a reaction but is not specifically part of it. In a bodywork session, I don't do the healing - that's up to you, your body, and the divine - but I can help you make connections that set your healing in motion. I intuitively listen to what your body is asking for via pain and other symptoms. I then use my skill and experience to interpret that asking into terms your mind can understand and apply. Often it's simply a matter of reassuring and relaxing your mind so that it gets out of the way for your body to heal itself.

Over the decades I've been doing bodywork, I found I say the same things to people over and over - things we have forgotten in our modern rush through life. We've learned to live in our heads, largely detached from our bodies and the information they give us about how to be wonderfully healthy. We go to doctors to ask questions about what's ailing us yet the answers are already there, in our tissues, if we but remember how to hear them. My goal with my book (and in workshops and private session work) is to help more people make those connections in their own bodies, heal, and feel better!

You can get many of the benefits of an intuitive bodywork session - anywhere - by reading my book, Issues in Your Tissues. You can use the tools I give you in conjunction with bodywork or use them entirely on your own. When you are ready, come have a private session. Most people get the healing reconnection they are looking for in 1-3 sessions. I also travel for lectures/workshops/private work so check out my website to see if I will be in your area.

Denise LaBarre, Healing Catalyst