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The simple truth is that a few years back I needed a chiropractor in a hurry and discovered, to my dismay, that most alternative health practitioners are too busy to maintain their own websites. The only online list I could find was at which was woefully incomplete and over ten years out of date.

So, as a web developer myself, I thought I could contribute to the quality of life on Maui by providing a much-needed resource to help health-minded people find health-giving practitioners and products, and at the same time help the practitioners by bringing them some business and an online presence.

And hence was born the Maui Health Network. If you are one, or know of any good practitioners who should be on the site, please email me and I'll be happy to add you/them. If I have omitted any categories, I can easily add more. Feedback about practitioners is also welcome.

Please help me create a great reference resource for all of us!

Painting by Curtis Wilson Cost: Eleven Thousand Acres