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Jenna Keck

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Jenna Keck
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Jenna Keck

Jenna is a Reiki Master, member of The Reiki Alliance and an ordained Interfaith Minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement. She attained her Degrees of Reiki training from Shalandra Abbey, a Reiki Master, author, Interfaith Minister, and long-time member of The Reiki Alliance. As part of her master training, Jenna apprenticed one year along-side Shalandra prior to being initiated as a Reiki Master. Following her First Degree training in 2011, she began providing Reiki treatments to others immediately and has had many diverse healing success stories. Her transition as a professional Oral Health Care provider in Dental Hygiene has expanded her ability to be of even greater service to others with Reiki. Before moving to Maui in 2007, she lived in the Bay Area of California working in dentistry while raising her son. She grew up in the Puget Sound area in Washington State. Jenna has always had an affinity for island life surrounded by nature and is now blessed to call Maui her home.

Ways to Experience Reiki

Reiki natural healing can be experienced through treatments and trainings to create the healthier, happier, and more abundant life you were born to live. Reiki completes a health care maintenance program that many people desire and are searching for, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. Reiki brings the energetic support that is needed to improve poor health and maintain good health. Reiki's healing properties complement and enhance any type of medical or wellness therapy. Reiki treatments unlock and integrate new energetic levels that address the source or cause of a particular physical or emotional ailment resulting in relief from pain and feeling good. The number and frequency of treatments required for a particular adult, child, or animal vary with the individual healing needs. Reiki trainings serve to continue the practice of Reiki for oneself and others providing a clearing, cleansing, grounding, and opening state of well-being.

Client Feedback:

Jenna's touch and energy is soothing, healing, and transformational. A few months back I went to Jenna for help with fertility. I had a fertility test a year prior and found out that I had one blocked fallopian tube and uterine fibroids. One month after getting a treatment with Jenna, I got tested again. The results of my test were normal! My blocked tube was cleared and I no longer had any fibroids!! While I am still trying to get pregnant, my chances of conceiving increased drastically after a single Reiki treatment with Jenna.
— Monica, Tucson, AZ

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