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Shone Edel NHC

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Shone Edel NHC
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Shone Edel, Homeopath

Shone Edel is a Classical Homeopath on Maui treating infants, children, teens, adults, and all four-legged animals since 1998. She has created environmental healing sprays for Vog, Smoke, Cane Smoke, and Smog, which are sold internationally. She makes her own remedies and specialty formulas.

Maui Homeopathy is the home of Homeopathic Brainwave Therapy, a unique, ground-breaking treatment combining brainwave technology with homeopathy. By clearing blocks and limiting thought-forms, new neural pathways open, allowing for less stress, clearer focus, more balanced emotions, a boost in energy, greater creativity, better sleep, deeper meditation, and a general sense of well-being. In combination with homeopathy, this brainwave technology reaches a whole new level. Shone also uses Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools in her sessions.

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Shone Edel is a Classical Homeopath, not an MD claiming to use homeopathic methods. Shone makes the finest quality homeopathic remedies. Her products are designed to serve the unique needs of people all over the world.

Client Feedback:

I've been suffering from allergies for years, particularly in the morning and after meals: coughing, congestion, runny nose. It was preventing me from truly enjoying my morning runs, exercising the way I want to, and bothering me at the office. Have tried asthma pumps - which only made my heartbeat go faster, natural nose cleanse morning and night, nasal sprays, nothing would work. SMOG OFF! is the ONLY product which has worked effectively at stopping my allergies. It clears up my throat immediately, coughing stops, lungs are clear, I can breathe, I can run and my heart beat is improved. SMOG OFF! has actually allowed me to significantly increase my cardio workouts. I can no longer live without it. I always carry a bottle wherever I go. Thank you Maui Homeopathy.
— C Losson, 2014

Huge shout out to Shone Edel! Thank you so much for helping me. The next chapter in the centipede saga: 10 days after the bite it became infected. I did all the infection "to do's" and it was still getting worse by the hour. Luckily, I found Shone, a homeopath. She met me and set me up with a remedy, Calendula Oil, and another herbal remedy. Day one, I was 75% better. Day two, 100%. Another victory for natural remedies!
— K Gravesen

Shone Edel has shown herself to be a very astute and skilled homeopath who understands human nature very well. Using homeopathic remedies before, during and after surgery, helped me go through that experience with almost no pain. My orthopedic surgeon was amazed at the rapidity of my recovery and healing. I kept telling her about homeopathy. Finally after months of her documenting my recovery, she became a supporter of homeopathy and wrote a letter thanking me. Before dental surgery, Shone Edel worked with me with a new 'no fear' remedy, as well as the other homeopathic remedies to help with all physical healing. The result was a miracle. Not only dental-related, but it affected my whole life, in business, and with my self-esteem.
— C Pratt, 2014

Whenever I have to breathe smoke and start to cough, I take three sprays of SMOKE OFF! The relief is instant and I use it daily. — Secret Smoker, 2014

VOG Off - Vog Relief by Shone Edel, Maui homeopath
Breathe-On, Kids Throat Spray
Heart Tonic, Asthma Relief