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Nani Mu Ecopsychological Quests

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Nani Mu Ecopsychological Quests
Jorge Conesa-Sevilla, PhD
Makawao, Maui, HI 96768

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Nani Mu Ecopsychological Quests provides the following:

  • walking contemplation (meditation)
  • hypnotherapy
  • Jungian Therapy (monomyths)
  • professionally guided individual and group 'hero' journeys (Monomyths)
  • inner journeys in the context of Maui's breathtaking beauty with experienced Monomyth Guides.

Individual and group hero journeys

Your monomyth journey begins here... treat your Mind-Body to a six-day, extraordinary journey of self-discovery and reconnecting with island nature: four bioregions, four quests.

"...Return and dwell on green-backed Hawaii,
A land discovered in the ocean,
Risen up out of the waves,
From the very depths of the sea,
A piece of white coral left dry in the ocean..."
—From the Paao and Pili-Kaaiea Legend

Four Journeys as Monomyths

Four journeys spanning six days take the journeyer through four distinct realms: ancient Hawaiian culture, cave, crater, forests, and natural pools. An eco-psychologically prescribed and guided path, each person is tasked with addressing core personality issues and dilemmas in the context of natural environments while utilizing natural forces and elements (earth, wind, fire, and water).


The six-day, four-stage journey culminates in a celebration with a communally prepared feast of tropical fruits, fish, poi, and desserts. Music, dance, and storytelling complete the "hero's" journey.


Jorge Conesa-Sevilla, PhDJorge Conesa-Sevilla is a psychologist (MA and PhD, neurocognition) who approaches Evolutionary Ecopsychology from the following perspectives: Human Ecology, Integral Ecology, Deep Ecology, and Evolutionary Psychology/Biology. His active role as a Monomyth Guide and Antagonist includes pre- and post instruction on journeying, ground logistics, and ensuring a safe and meaningful experience.

Brochures on Journeys & Costs

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Sunrise over Haleakala volcano on Maui