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Dr Joel Friedman, MD

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Dr Joel Friedman, MD
Jody Vegas
350 Pulehuike Rd
Kula, HI 96790
Mon, Tues, Wed, Friday 9am-3pm
Thurs 10am-12pm
Cash only

Dr Joel Friedman, MD is a Maui physician who takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. Among his specialties are cranial-sacro therapy and homeopathy.

"Technically, I am an MD by training, but use homeopathic medicines and naturopathic means when appropriate. I also function as a traditional osteopath. I cross most all lines in the healing arts with the exception of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The IV therapies I do are really more allopathic than anything else, but the vitamin IV's could be considered naturopathic as well."
— Dr Joel Friedman

Client Feedback:

Incredible doctor! I have been seeing Dr Friedman for almost 10 years and he has helping me in so many ways. He is super easy to talk to and his staff is wonderful too! I would highly recommend him to anyone of any age! - Lori M

Excellent Doctor. When you are looking for more in a physician, this is the man to see. - Marceline O

Yes Indeed Best Doc in Maui - Dr Friedman is the best MD I have ever been to. He completely listens and digs deep to figure out how to get you well instead of doling out some prescription medication like a robot after hearing a few symptoms. He helped me tremendously by getting to the root of the problem and testing for the right things... things no other doctor has ever tested me for before. Crucial tests that have made all the difference.

When I walked into his office I felt like I was 80. I had polymyalgia so bad that walking from the parking lot was a chore. Not anymore! He totally got me on the right naturopathic remedies and I feel alive again. I feel at least 10 years younger. Totally amazing.

He is an MD but he is into alternative methods before resorting to heavy pharmaceuticals. He is a healer not a drug pusher like most MDs. - hulagirl1234

Best Doctor on Maui!!! Dr Joel Friedman is an exceptional physician whom I highly recommend!!! We have been having his assistance with our family for years. - IndiscriptRecords

350 Pulehuike Rd, Kula Maui