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Maui School of Therapeutic Massage

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Maui School of Therapeutic Massage
Katy Rourke, Administrator
1043 Makawao Ave #207
Makawao, HI 96768
808-572-2277, 808-572-1888 (admin)
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
Student Clinics: Tues, Thurs, Sat 9am-1pm
Tues, Thurs, Friday 1pm-5pm
Monday to Friday 5pm-9pm
$30 for student massages

Come to Maui for a state-of-the-art, world class education in massage therapy. The Maui School of Therapeutic Massage is located on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, where the warm ocean, gentle climate and lush tropical beauty create a magical setting for an educational experience that will transform your life.

Our program will not only prepare you for a successful and rewarding career as a Massage Therapist, it will also deepen your awareness of your self - your body, mind, and spirit, enhancing your health and fitness, and giving you the tools for high level wellness. We believe that self-care, fitness of body and mind, and living a wellness lifestyle create the foundation for being successful as a therapist, both personally and professionally.

Our courses in Wellness and techniques and practices of Bodymind Fitness, Therapeutic Exercise, and Conscious Touch Skills support our students on this path. Students are also regularly receiving massage and bodywork as part of their training which gives them a first hand experience of therapeutic massage as well as furthering their own health and integration.

Massage Therapy is an art and a science, and our curriculum is second to none in terms of the techniques and information our students learn in our 7-month and 12-month programs.

Massage school is a unique experience, one which fosters personal growth, enhances health, and gives one a unique and rewarding profession. At the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, we've got it all going on, including one of the healthiest, most comfortable, and most beautiful environments on earth. Come check us out, you will be forever glad you did!

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James Hackett, LMT, Owner & Director

James Hackett, LMT, is the owner and Director of MSTM. He teaches Anatomy and Physiology, Neuromuscular Therapy, Treatment of Common Conditions, and Advanced Certification Programs. Jim has over 30 years of experience as a massage therapist and teacher.

He co-founded the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1981 where he served as Director of Education and an instructor for 17 years. He has been involved in the profession at the national level, serving as the Chairman of the American Massage Therapy Association Council of Schools for three years.

Jim is certified in Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports and Orthopedic Massage, Structural Bodywork, the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Trager Psychophysical Integration, Polarity Therapy, and Jin Shin Do Acupressure. Jim incorporates therapeutic movement into his practice and teaching and is certified by NASM as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and by the Chek Institute as a Chek Golf Biomechanic. He is currently in advanced study with Judith Aston, founder of Aston Kinetics. Jim has taught advanced therapeutic massage techniques internationally and produced his own training videos and manuals.

Client Feedback:

My experience at MSTM was awesome! I learned so much about the body and about healing. In the process, I also learned a lot about myself. The administrative staff was professional and friendly. The instructors were experienced, knowledgeable, motivating, and inspiring. Every class was well structured, fun, and interesting. I truly felt as if each instructor cared about my success as a future massage therapist. If you are thinking about becoming a massage therapist, look no further - MSTM is the best school on Maui!

— Monica Barnas Smith MS, LMT (graduated Fall 2009)