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Lisa Gutierrez, Detoxification Specialist

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Lisa Gutierrez, Detoxification Specialist
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Lisa Gutierrez, Maui Detoxification Specialist

Hello dear ones,

My name is Lisa Gutierrez and I am a Certified Detoxification Specialist. My love for life and passion for sharing the knowledge I have learned over the past 15 years is expressed through my own healing journey and my studies with Dr Morse. He is a healer based in Florida with over 45 years of experience.

I believe in the power of nature. Getting back to simplicity, through the power of fruits and veggies, daily lifestyle, mindset, and the power of botanicals (herbs). Our day-to-day choices make a profound difference in the outcome of our health and well-being. The choice is Yours. Together we take small steps towards the life You deserve. My physical and mental health has been a game changer along my journey; going deep within is a must.

This approach to optimal wellness is a process; it will take time to clean out the terrain that we've accumulated. In the end all We have is time! You are worth it. I am here to guide you through the journey.

My approach to detoxification is through fruits, herbs, and fasting (if necessary). Herbs are designed to strengthen our glands and fruits are the most electrifying foods on the planet.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my offerings and, most importantly, considering making an investment in Your health and well being. My packages range based on Your individual needs.

My Services

  • transitioning to raw living foods
  • lymphatic cellular detoxification
  • strengthening of the endocrine system
  • proper food combinations / meal planning
  • herbal protocols
  • self care protocols

Please contact me at the following:

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