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The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
— Thomas A Edison

Mission & Purpose

The Maui Health Network is a growing directory of accredited Maui alternative health professionals who are dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for Maui's residents and visitors.

I am still building this site so please be patient.

If you are a health professional who wishes to be added to the site, please email me your info. Also welcome are suggestions and feedback from people who know of good practitioners who should be listed. My goal is to provide a valuable resource that has hitherto been lacking... a way for people to locate the healers who can ease their pain and help them back to optimal health.

Also welcome are submissions of articles on anything health-related. Mahalo!

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Cancer Prevention & Treatment

The website is a wealth of information for people suffering from cancer.

The following link lists 12 cancer prevention strategies and features an eye-opening video exposé on the cancer researh scam and Why Medicine Won't Allow Cancer to Be Cured. A must see.

Parental Rights Being Hijacked by Doctors

[ a letter from Amanda Tabon ]

As a parent and member of the community, it has come to my attention that many new moms face a very troubling challenge: Doctors who override their ability to parent in the fashion and beliefs they feel are for the betterment of their children. Pediatricians throughout the island of Maui will not take any child patients unless the parent will agree to all vaccinations in a timeline dictated by the pharmaceutical companies. Clearly there is a financial benefit for doctors who use vaccines in a higher volume and, therefore, doctors are now requiring parents' consent to giving their children injections that are not always in the best interest of the child's health. While I understand there are differing opinions on the safety and use of vaccines, it should be the parents' decision on how, when, and if a vaccine should be given to their child. It is the parent who must ultimately handle and live with any repercussions from a decision in either direction.

There is a growing phenomenon in the United States commonly referred to as "medical kidnapping" whereby parents who disagree with a doctor's recommendation are prosecuted and, in some cases, their children are removed although no danger or abuse is present in the home. You can view many such stories at

I feel that Maui is a very unique community where we still have the ability to support one another and stand against injustices in the legal system. Our community should be made aware of this growing and disturbing trend within the medical profession. There should be legal protection from the medical community railroading good parents who make sound decisions on behalf of their children. If the community is made aware, there is the possibility that we will come together and help our elected officials to formulate laws to protect our parental rights. Doctors and the medical community should not be allowed to interfere with the raising of a child and the parents' medical choices simply because they do not agree with their "parenting style." Power to the People and change will happen. Community Education is the start to overcoming such injustices and infractions against our civil rights.

If anyone wishes to assist in supporting our keiki & parents by educating the community, please contact me. — Warmest aloha, Amanda

Medical Reference Library

The US National Library of Medicine provides a useful Reference Library of Health Topics where you can learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, and standard treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. Also learn about surgeries, prevention, and wellness. Each tutorial includes animated graphics, audio, and easy-to-read language. Select your topic then click on the Self Playing Tutorial.